Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wings to Fly

Note:  This is another writing exercise for Days of Grey.

Today's prompt comes from 4nitsirk on Flickr via a Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license. Per the license, if you repost/reshare the photo, please keep the attribution intact.

"Daddy, I'll be lonely.  Can't I go with you?"
"No, little bird.  You're on your own now."
"If I had wings, I could fly with you.  Please, Daddy, can't I have wings?"
"I'll give you wings, but you can't fly with me little bird."

As the light grew bright, the shadows grew long.  She ached to go with him, and tried to focus on staying with him, but he gently moved farther from her.  The rain tapped on the window pane, yet there was light.  The tapping grew loud and more steady, drowning out the other voices in the room.  If she could just concentrate hard enough, she could wish herself to go with him.

"Daddy, you're walking too fast.  The song, remember the song we used to sing when you walked too fast for me? It's playing on the radio."

He was suddenly close again and squeezed her hand to let her know he remembered.  He would always remember.  He didn't want to leave her, but it was time.  He needed to go.  How could he leave her like this?

In the fogginess of her brain she heard a buzzer, which someone quickly turned off.

"It's okay, Daddy.  You can go.  I love you.  We'll take care of Mom."

The tapping on the window faded to a gentle rain.  Sunshine filled the room.  He heaved a gentle sigh, flew away, and there was peace.

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