Monday, April 23, 2012

Sister White: Prior to Brazil, Brasilia Mission

My daughter, Kaylonnie (Sister White), is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Brazil, Brasilia Mission.  She has made many friends in Brazil, and they have reached out to me via Facebook.  It has been an honor to get to know her Brazilian friends.  They are curious about this young American woman who has suddenly become part of their lives. This post is for Sister White's new friends in Brazil so that they can become acquainted with who she is and what her life was like growing up in Sacramento, California, U.S.A.  I have chosen to use mostly pictures, as I feel the pictures tell the story quite well. The pictures are not necessarily in chronological order, but grouped to tell a story.

There were baby moments.
Hannah is holding Kaylonnie

Easter moments.
Dyeing Easter Eggs
Easter Fun
Fun times.
Tricycle and bicycle times.

There was fun at Fairytale Town.

Fairytale Town
Fairytale Town
Fairytale town pictures from here.

Excitement to be in school.

Kindergarten was at Joseph Bonnheim Elementary School.

Picture of Joseph Bonnheim Elementary from their website (above).

There were many first day of school pictures.

Kaylonnie, Hannah, Ezra (Molly was away at college for this one)
First through sixth grades were spent at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School in the Basic Education Program.

Phoebe Hearst Elementary School
There was growing . . .

And more growing.

There were braces.

There were birthdays, Easters, Christmases, other holidays, and family get togethers.

We can't forget Halloween!

Camp Fire Boys and Girls, and Camp Minaluta!

Top picture is a Camp Minaluta counselor with Kaylonnie and Ezra. Next, Mom and Kaylonnie.  Next Ezra and Kaylonnie with the "Hi-Seller" T-shirts they earned for selling LOTS of Camp Fire candy. Next is Kaylonnie and Molly.
Ezra and Kaylonnie at Camp Minaluta
Kaylonnie (second from left) with Camp Fire Buddies
Ezra, Hannah, Kaylonnie, Molly
The day Kaylonnie received her Camp Fire gown.
Canoes on Lake Minaluta
There were friends.

There were dog days.

Seventh and eighth grade years were at California Middle School.

California Middle School
 Above picture of California Middle School from their website.
California Middle School
California Middle School
The next four years of high school were at C. K. McClatchy High School.
C. K. McClatchy High School
Above picture from McClatchy website (above).

There were Nauvoo, Illinois moments.

And Quincy, Illinois moments.

Before our very eyes she became a young woman.

There were military balls and prom nights.

And lots and lots of laughter!

Many hours were spent preparing for the cultural celebration during the open house and dedication of the Sacramento Temple.

She began her college education at Sacramento City College.

Sacramento City College (from their website above)
Sacramento City College
Sorry, the above picture was the best I could do.  I was not able to get a decent picture of Sacramento City College.  Parking is a problem nearby, and I had to stand across Freeport Boulevard, which is extremely busy.  It took me several minutes to snap a picture between vehicles.  Unfortunately, an internet search didn't provide any pictures either.

A lot of college time was spent at the LDS Institute of Religion across from the Sacramento City College campus.  She learned so much here and her testimony really blossomed.
LDS Institute of Religion at Sacramento City College
LDS Institute of Religion at Sacramento City College
She was known as "Miss Kaylonnie" when she worked at Radcliffe Academy as a daycare assistant.

Radcliffe Academy picture from here.

There were pizza nights at Roma's.
Roma's Pizza from their website (above)
Roma's Pizzeria
Above picture from here.  (Roma's doesn't look great from the outside, but they have the best pizza ever!)

There were ice cream nights at Gunther's.

Pictures of Gunther's from here.  (Molly, Hannah, and Ezra all worked at Gunther's in high school too.)

There was a mission call.

And a missionary farewell.

Photo Taken by Rachel White, Vintage Bloom Photography
Photo Taken by Rachel White, Vintage Bloom Photography
Over the years there were sibling pictures and family pictures.

Above family photos taken by Courtney Farnworth

And even eternal pictures.

Oakland Temple Sealing Day Pictures Taken by Cecelia Takahashi

Sister White, the missionary.

Missionary Training Center



  1. Que lindo...amei todas as fotografias...
    Obrigada por compartilhar conosco...Eu amo sister todo meu coraçao...ela faz parte da minha vida e das minhas oraçoes...
    Para sempre...

  2. What a beautiful ... I loved all the pictures ...
    Thanks for sharing ... I love ... White sister with all my heart ... it is part of my life and my prayers ...
    Forever ...
    with love shelly guilherme glaucous and junior

    1. Estou feliz que você gostou, Michelly. Foi uma diversão para passar as fotos.

      I'm glad you liked it, Michelly. It was a fun to go through the pictures.