Monday, February 6, 2012

The Second Hand Shop

Note:  This is a Days of Grey writing exercise.

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The mental list of things to look for in the second-hand shop is short these days, but more fun than it was when my kids were at home.  I walk through my favorite thrift stores looking for things to stir my memory.  Today there is no milk glass to catch my eye, but an old radio jumps out at me.  I remember listening to Gunsmoke with Dad on an old radio, though not like this one. Mom and I listened to baseball games on the radio together.

There was a time when I kept a tape measure in my purse to make sure that furniture I found would fit in a certain location in my home.  I knew which shop had a boat load of National Geographic magazines for a dime to help the kids with school reports, and which one had the best children's clothing, and where to go for the never ending need for bookcases.

As I wander down the aisle today, I see things that I would not have passed up five years ago.  Suddenly, they are unimportant to my life.  Maybe I'll buy this radio just for the memory.  No, that would be silly.  I'm much to practical for that, but I think I'll stand here for just another moment or two.  I wonder if the shop down the street has milk glass today?  Or maybe NASA memorabilia for my daughter?  I suppose I should pick up a couple extra little toys for Granny's toy box.  The grand kids are getting a little bored with the current selection.

It's so peaceful this trip to the thrift store.  When did that happen?  There are no children under foot, and I don't hear cries for lunch.  The old days were fun, and I'm sure that eventually I'll miss them.  Today, though, is too soon.  For now I'll relish in the peace from being recently childless.

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