Monday, February 13, 2012

The Long Road

Note:  This is another Days of Grey writing exercise.

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We've been down this road before, you and me.  We walked through the tunnel of courtship.  Love shone through the branches and kept the naysayers away from us -- those who said we'd never make it.  It seemed like we would walk forever, but we reached the end of the tunnel and began our life as one.

Remember how dark the tunnel was the next time we walked this road?  Our first born was lying on a table in the nursery intensive care unit.  It seemed so far to walk before we reached the light. We caught only glimpses now and then of faint light in the tunnel which caused creepy shadows that gave me goosebumps.  Then we reached the sun which seemed more bright than we had remembered.

Many more times we walked down the road.  Sometimes we would barely reach the warmth of the sun and we would be hurled back through the shadows.  The roar of the animals around us were often deafening to the ears.  Make it stop!  Just make it stop! Then in that moment that we thought we couldn't stand it any longer, we would find the least little glimmer of hope, and then finally the bright sunlight.

The path seems different today.  The walk is much more pleasant. The tunnel is bright, and the birds are singing to us.  As you hold my hand, I realize there is nothing we have to fear as long as we walk together.  We've walked to hell and back several times. Maybe we're finally on the road to heaven.

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