Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

I was thinking about the world my grandchildren will live in.  They will have to be incredibly strong.  I hope it is really true that Heavenly Father saved his strongest children for the last days.  I believe my children are stronger than I am, and I see great strength in my grandchildren even though they are very young.

The world has become a very complicated place in which to live. While technology brings us closer together in some ways, in other ways it seems to split us apart and accentuate our differences.  I hope we can learn to appreciate our differences while standing true on moral decisions.  I don't know how to accomplish that, so I hope our progeny will figure it out.

Even the United States of America seems to mean something different today than I remember as a child.  I grew up in a land that respected and reverenced the almighty God.  Freedom of religion was constitutionally protected (well, with the exception of that little mishap of an extermination order in Missouri).  The idea of home and family used to be special and mean something.  The vote of the people was irrevocable law.

Reading the Book of Revelations, I know this was prophesied long ago.  There is nothing that can stop it.  The wheels are already set in motion.  The train wreck will happen.  We don't know exactly when, but we know it is soon.  We also know that it will take time.  That's the frightening part to me -- time.  How long will righteous people have to abide in such an evil world?  How long will my grandchildren be targets for the fiery darts of Satan's followers?  How much persecution and evil will they have to endure before the end?

I pray they are strong.  I pray they are much stronger than me.

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