Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Old Courtyard

This is another writing exercise for Days of Grey.

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She walked through the courtyard towards the stairwell with a song on her lips.  She was going home--back to her roots.  It had been a long time since she'd last been home.  An exciting job in America had enticed her, and she had left this place long ago. She had always meant to come back for a visit, but pressing matters had kept her away far too long.  Now she was coming home for good.

The loss of her job in America had been devastating for a time. She tried to recoup her life, but to no avail.  Then she had the dream--the one that would send her packing.  She dreamed that her grandmother was lonely and calling her home.  When she awoke, she knew in an instant what she was meant to do.  She needed to go home.  As soon as she made the decision, her heart was happy.  She longed for the musty smell of that ancient courtyard, the weathered old planters, and the damaged cement from World War II.  Her grandmother was a child then, living in this same old place.

As she walked toward the stairs, she marveled at the history this old courtyard had seen.  Her heart was full.  She was home now, and grandmother needn't be lonely any more.

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