Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Days Gone By

My grandson, Michael, a couple of years ago
Happy Independence Day everyone!  I was just sitting here going down memory lane.  I was thinking about family traditions my family had when I was a kid.

Mom and Dad always talked with us about what the 4th of July meant.  If we were in Reno, we would go to the drive-in and watch a movie because when the city fireworks show began, we had a perfect view behind the movie screen.

Personal fireworks are illegal in Nevada, so I didn't even know what that was until I was an adult and moved to Sacramento and saw the crazy Californians trying to blow each other up.

If we were at the cabin for the holiday, we would make signs that said "honk for freedom," and sit on the edge of the highway and wave to people as they honked.  At night, we would bang pots and pans together for noisemakers, make smores, and blow bubbles in the meadow.

Fun times!

Have a safe and lovely 4th of July!

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  1. The best forth of July was America's 200th birthday. We were at the cabin and had put, "Honk if you're Patriotic" signs on the highway. People had been honking all day! Unfortunately for them, there were some campers across the road who had been gambling at Lake Tahoe all night and were getting tired of the honking. The call went up, "Someone is stealing our signs!" Everyone unloaded from the cabin, and 90 pound Laurie was leading the pack! Luckily we were right behind Laurie because when she got to the woman stealing the signs, it took three of us to hold Laurie bank just to save the woman's life!!! That was the last we heard from campers that weekend! And now you know the "rest of the story!"