Saturday, February 20, 2010

Covenant of Self-Reliance

WHEREAS I've spent the last thirty-three (33) years of my life with one goal at the forefront: Being the best wife and mother I can be.

WHEREAS children don't come with a book of instructions, and all parents handle parenting to the best of their abilities and skill sets.

WHEREAS my efforts have apparently not been in vain because I have four healthy, happy children who have never been to jail, never taken drugs, don't smoke or drink alcoholic beverages, have never had a child out of wedlock, have never had a sexually transmitted disease, all are active in church, three have served missions, three have been sealed in the temple, three have lovely families of their own, and the fourth is coming right along.

WHEREAS despite the success mentioned above, my children have decided that my efforts in parenting have made me evil, and a person who they could never live with in a crisis.

WHEREAS my only desire is to make sure that my children remain happy and I don't desire to make their lives miserable for even a nanosecond, despite their making my life a living hell for the last thirty-three (33) years.

WHEREFORE I set my hand this day on this my covenant that in the event I grow old and cannot take care of myself, I will not live with any of my children, but will find other means of support and care or take care of the problem by other means necessary.

Executed this 20th day of February, 2010, in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California.

________/s/Laurie E. White_______



  1. Oh, you write this well!
    Congratulations for having such success! You've done good! Once, I was in the ER with my son. My husband was tired and needed to stop holding him - he passed him to me. I remember thinking, if I need to stand here another 12 hours straight I could. Even through exhaustion. That's not to say my hubby wasn't good enough or trying hard cause he was, it's just that desire you speak of - it's so ingrained into motherhood. It's amazing. (--But yes, will we get our interest back on the sleepless nights? I wonder here and there.) ; )

  2. I am guessing that the idea for this post originated from our joking around at dinner friday night... Laurie, you have to know deep down that if you ever need anything, all of your children (spouses included)will be there to take care of you... it's what families do.

  3. I promise if you live within 100 miles of me, I will visit at least once a month. Less than 100 miles, and you'll get me more often. ;) But trust me, you don't want to live with me either.

    And now that you've realized you've been somewhat successful with us, would you mind laying off a bit? ;) I mean, I hear the lecture in my head before I even tell you about the story -- whatever it is!! ;)