Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Wrapping Made Easy, Beautiful, and Green

Admittedly, wrapping presents was never my favorite part of the holidays.  Then one day I was introduced to cloth wrapping bags or envelopes by my sisters.  One sister could never remember to buy wrapping paper, so all her gifts appeared in paper bags for every occasion.  The other sister made her some cloth wrapping bags to shove gifts into quickly.  Then when a gift was opened, we returned the cloth bag for the next time.

Let me tell you, I was sold!  I went to my favorite fabric store after Christmas and bought a variety of Christmas fabric on clearance.  I cut the fabric into a variety of sizes.  Each piece of fabric was then folded in half and sewn up three sides, leaving the fourth side open.  When I "wrap," I simply close the fourth side with a safety pin on a bow.  (I also attach the gift tag to the safety pin.)  If you really want to get fancy, you could use velcrow to close the envelopes, but I didn't spend that much time.

The bags look absolutely lovely under the tree!  Since they are reused every year, I not only am being "green" and helping the environment, but I'm saving a TON of money on wrapping paper and scotch tape.  My "wrapping" is done in a jiffy!

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