Thursday, June 30, 2011

Colleen and Donna Reed Paper Dolls

Sometimes you just get inspired. Such was the Christmas of 2007.

For years my family had listened to Colleen (Coke) grumble about how Mom threw away her Donna Reed paper dolls. Now, we all know that paper dolls don't last forever. I'm sure Mom was trying to clean out some of the family clutter, and obviously didn't know how much the Donna Reed paper dolls meant to Coke. 

I went through my "eBay stage" in 2007. I decided that Christmas 2007 should be done via eBay, so I went hunting for things that I thought my family would like. One day, I was inspired to search for Donna Reed paper dolls. Low and behold, I found them -- brand new, never been cut! I solicited the help of other family members, and even Coke's friend, Lana. I got a top money commitment from people and went to work. The more the bidding went up, the more people I got involved. I was absolutely determined that these paper dolls were going to belong to Coke.
Well, it was worth every penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar (and hundred(s) dollars) to "get Coke." Well, we got her. She's going to hate me for posting these pictures, but her face says it all! It was one of the best Christmases ever for me, because we definitely got her! I wrapped them in multiple boxes, and she had to pull each box out of a large box, so it took her a while to reach them.

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  1. Colleen tried to post this, but wasn't able, so she put it on Facebook for me:

    You're right, I do hate you for posting those pictures, but I do love you for replacing my dolls! Have not cut them out yet, because I know how much they cost all of you. I cherish them, believe me! And I haven't had anything to whine about since 2007. Thanks, sis! Love you.