Monday, March 7, 2011

Guest Post: How To Make Pudding (This really isn't about cooking.)

Guest Blogger:  Today's, guest blogger is my younger sister, Colleen.  Colleen has a passion for life!  She loves to have a good time, she loves to laugh, she loves to travel, and she loves a good adventure.  I loved reading her "life's motto," and I hope you will too.


“Pudding!” has been my life’s motto. I took it from the film, “The Matchmaker,” where two young men, Barnaby and Cornelius, set out to have an adventure in New York City. They set up a code word as a way for Cornelius to let the less-worldly Barnaby know that they are in the middle of an adventure. They get in a bit of trouble, and Barnaby calls out, “Pudding, Cornelius?" and Cornelius replies, "Pudding, Barnaby!” It’s all great fun.

Seeing that film when I was very young convinced me that I wanted my life to be “Pudding.” I am pleased to say that I’ve had my fair share.

Want more pudding, but you aren’t quite sure where to find it? Try these:

• Roll out of bed and ask yourself what you can do that day that you’ve never done before. If you can’t think of anything, consult your local newspaper.

• Get out of your comfort zone whenever possible. If you’re used to going to a library, go to a pool hall. If you’re used to going to a pool hall, go to a library. (Just one example, there are many others.)

• Go down any road you’ve never been down before. You can only occupy one small spot on this earth at any given time. Try some new spots. Pudding often lurks just around an unknown bend in the road.

• If you’re used to being alone, find people. If you’re used to being with people, spend some time alone.

Pudding exists everywhere and each and every day, but it takes a trained and imaginative eye to see it. The smallest puddings are easily missed by the novice adventurist. Pudding is nothing more than a marvelous zest for life, Barnaby!

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  1. That's why she's been chased by wild dogs in Indonesia, had to jump from a wrecked train into the waiting arms of a Norwegian fireman, and been homeless in Turkey. Pudding, Barnaby!