Sunday, February 20, 2011

Danny's Dog Curley

Danny has a heart of gold.  We all know that.  There are times, though, when we all just stand around shaking our heads at him.

We were looking for a dog to adopt from the pound.  I was working, so I sent Danny to scout out one of the local animal shelters to see if there was a dog that we might want to show the kids.  Danny called me at work and told me he found the perfect dog.  After work, Danny and I went to see the dog together.  I took one look at this cocker spaniel and said, "Danny, this is an OLD dog."  I asked the man at the animal shelter how old he was.  He told me he was 2-4 years old.  I said, "Yeah, right!"  He said, "Well, maybe 4-6."  Okay, so I'm not stupid.  This dog was 10 years old at least!  I talked Danny into going home to think about it. I told him that if he still felt the same way in the morning, we would take the kids to see the dog.

Danny didn't sleep all night.  He tossed and turned, absolutely positive that the dog would not be there the next morning.  (Like anyone else but Danny would adopt the grandfather of the shelter!)  It was obvious the next morning that Danny's heart would break if we didn't go get the dog.  So Curley became a member of our family.

Now, we've had some smart dogs and some not so smart dogs.  We've had well behaved dogs, and one that would hide behind the furniture, wait until a kid opened the front door, and then practically knock the kid down to get out the front door to go pall around with the mailman.  Then there was Curley.  Curley was the most good for nothing dog I've ever seen.  He ate.  He slept.  He laid on our feet.  He was always full of fleas -- thus we got to know our local pesticide people.  There was no amount of flea shampoo on the planet that would suffice for Curley!

Danny loved that dog!  To this day, none of us can figure out what the attraction was -- but it was love at first sight.  Danny did manage to redeem himself, though.  He picked out our current dog, Oreo, who is the smartest darn dog I've seen in years.  Since he was also a pound puppy, we're not quite sure, but we think he is a miniature border collie.

All I can say about Curley is that we gave him a good home for the home stretch.  Just call us the old folks home!

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  1. Jodi always teases us. She says even our pets have pets! I just think everyone needs a friend.