Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Can Dream, Can't I?

Everyone has to have a dream -- even if it is a crazy dream.  My Dad always wanted a yellow convertible.  I always thought that was a little crazy.

I never collected anything in my life until I hit my 50's, but now I collect milk glass, and I have quite a collection.  There is a budget involved, and I only buy things that have a useful purpose.  Unfortunately, there is one piece of milk glass that I have admired for a couple of years now, that is way over budget and has no useful purpose in my home whatsoever.  It's called a lavabo.  It's my understanding that a lavabo is used by priests to wash their hands prior to administering communion.  The owner of the lavabo below has made a planter out of it -- which wouldn't work for me -- one more thing to get dusty.

The going rate for a lavabo appears to be between $110 and $150.  Now, really, why do I want this silly thing?!  It makes no sense whatsoever!  I'm not usually a person who buys useless "things."  It's not in my makeup.  As a matter of fact, I'm known for my thrifty nature.  Okay, so I'm cheap.  Normally.  So why on earth does it drive me crazy that I don't have one of these?!  I wouldn't even have a place to put it!  Dad always said that if he had a yellow convertible that it would spoil the dream.  Sounds logical to me.  I'm going with that.

Picture from here:  http://cgi.ebay.com/FENTON-MILK-GLASS-HOBNAIL-LAVABO-THREE-PIECE-S-/250759161050?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a626924da


  1. Love this! I've always felt that anticipating is more fun than actually having or doing the "thing";)

  2. Me too, Kathryn! Glad you enjoyed reading it!

  3. Gabrielle ValentineJanuary 25, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    Understood! I would love several collectible type items yet we have no space or the funds, the kids would probably break it anyway, etc. Milk glass is a unique collectible. I've seen milk glass but didn't know what it was actually called. I've also seen it in stores before and thought "I like the look of that!". I find it fascinating what people collect. Coins, vases, my little ponies!, toys, pens, old books. Always neat to see what people I know are into.

  4. Thanks, Gabrielle. If anyone had ever told me I'd be a "collector," I would have told them they were crazy -- but I LOVE milk glass! And it's been something fun for me to do with my kids too.

  5. You could use it to serve juice at a family function? Kind of like a punch bowl???

  6. Mom, like I've suggested before, I think you should get it and tell the grandkids it your water fountain. Keep a stock of those mini paper cups on hand ;)